Quality first means more sales

When we launched Veygo in October 2016, we were like all new startups: we were really fast (we released our MVP – minimun viable product – in 11 weeks thanks to our partners at Theodo), our team was tight and focused, and communication worked perfectly.

After successfully launching our first product, we started growing the team in order to confirm our early success. One of our primary goals was to turn our MVP into a mature product and, to get there, we had a long list of features we had to deliver.

For 12 months we rushed to build up the product, but then issues and inefficiencies began to creep up. There was a general feeling that we were slowing down and we were getting worried about the scalability of our venture. We were afraid that we were catching “big company diseases”, and that the speed and decisiveness we were so proud of were just an illusion. It was easy to look good and go fast with a clean sheet, a small team and no legacy, but scaling a product and a whole business was another story. We needed to find a way to scale up well – a typical startup challenge – and so we started to explore Lean Thinking as a way to solve our issues.

Read more: https://planet-lean.com/veygo-lean-quality-improvement/

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